56 billion riyals to implement the development plan in Al-Ula

The CEO of the Royal Commission for Al-Ula Governorate, Eng. Amr Al-Madani, said: The design vision of the “Journey through Time” project is supported by a development plan whose total value is estimated at about 56.3 billion riyals in the framework of a partnership with the public and private sectors. Al-Madani added: The allocation of $ 3.2 billion for the basic priority infrastructure will contribute to laying solid foundations for the Al-Ula development program, in addition to protecting the cultural and heritage sites in the region, and explained that responsible investment involves providing more job opportunities and achieving strong investment returns, in addition to To address urgent natural and environmental challenges, the Royal Commission for Al-Ula affirmed that $ 2 billion will be invested in development projects, such as expanding Al-Ula International Airport, strengthening the security infrastructure for the region, and developing major tourism assets such as Ashar Resort and Maraya Hall, pointing out that the future investments of the partners It is supported by the development of heritage assets and basic infrastructure, and the authority said: “It seeks to increase the capacity of clean energy to provide at least 50% of the demand through renewable energy sources by 2035, and to increase the capacity of potable water, through a central and advanced water supply system. And the modernization of the sewage treatment plant in Mughaira, and she pointed out that the comprehensive strategy for the development of Al-Ula includes many master plans, to establish a tourism sector. It will last in the region, with a total of 9,400 hotel rooms by 2035, 5,000 of which will be developed as part of the “Journey Through Time” scheme.

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