55 technical initiative of the founder’s university

King Abdulaziz University is participating in 55 initiatives in the Makkah Cultural Forum in its fifth session, under the title How to be an example in the digital world, ranging from platforms, smart applications, scientific studies and research.

“Manufacturing robots for sterilization and transporting items” is at the forefront of the initiatives. It aims to manufacture robots to deal with sterilization work, transport of treatments, meals and personal belongings for patients with remote control.

Among the initiatives are the “beacons” for open e-learning, which is considered the first quality initiative in the Arab world to promote continuous education and self-learning, and to improve community participation, by providing high-quality and refined educational courses in the Arabic language within the largest digital educational community in the world. Education »It is a global platform in which international educational institutions participate to provide open education to their societies. Thus, Al Founder University becomes the first Arab university to place its name among international universities to offer Arabic language learning courses in open education.

The university is participating with a smart platform to catch misleading accounts of the Kingdom’s reputation on social media. It also contributes to the “Minhaj” initiative to approve study plans and programs and review and develop university education curricula.


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