5 measures to protect the national industry from unfair competition

The Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources has affirmed working to protect national industries from unfair competition through 5 different measures, in a manner that does not contradict the Kingdom’s obligations arising from its accession to the World Trade Organization and Gulf and international agreements, in order to create a fair competitive environment and attractive to industrial investments.

She pointed out that unfair competition is represented in several aspects, the most important of which are flooding local markets with goods at lower prices than in the country of origin, an unjustified increase in imports, subsidies allocated by governments in exporting countries, non-conformity of specifications and standards, in addition to violating the standards of origin. As well as violating the provisions of the competition law and some local regulations.

She added that it works through committees and teams and in coordination with the concerned government agencies, such as the General Authority for Foreign Trade, the Saudi Organization for Standardization and Metrology, the General Authority for Customs, the Food and Drug Authority, and other relevant government agencies to activate the appropriate protection tools that fall within the powers and responsibilities of each party. .

She pointed out that the tools to protect against unfair competition are the application of technical regulations and standard specifications for a number of affected industries, raising the customs tariff for a number of goods to the customs ceilings that are bound by the World Trade Organization, and the application of the principle of reciprocity on the Kingdom’s imports from countries that impose measures or Preventive measures on its exports in addition to the application of import licenses, stressing that it is in the process of implementing other protection tools, in coordination with the relevant government agencies to protect the national industry from harmful practices, and activate the available enablers that would contribute to encouraging national industries.

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