5 billion riyals annually wages for employees in non-profit organizations

Saudi non-profit organizations spend more than 5 billion riyals annually for employee wages, with an average salary of about 5.796 riyals per month for an employee, while the total estimated revenues of these organizations are about 8 billion riyals against expenditures of more than 7.5 billion riyals for the year 2018, and the gross domestic product of the bodies sector It is a non-profit and caters for household with a value of 3.9 billion riyals. According to the report of the King Khalid Foundation, the non-profit sector contributes 8 billion riyals to the Kingdom’s GDP. Civil societies registered a growth of more than 66%, and the gross domestic product of the non-profit organizations that served households reached 3.9 billion riyals. The corporation’s report expected that 70% of civil associations in the Kingdom would close within a year in case the Corona pandemic continues due to the losses it incurred, indicating that it spent 418 million riyals as a total compensation for its workers per month. The report issued by the King Khalid Foundation titled “Prospects for the Non-Profit Sector in Its Second Edition 2020” highlighted the significant progress made by the non-profit sector in reaching the targets set for it in the National Transformation Program and the Kingdom’s Vision 2030; The most important of these are the increase in the number of non-profit organizations to reach (6902) organizations, with a growth rate of (166%), the increase in the number of volunteers to (2.8) million volunteers, and the increase in the number of workers in the sector to reach (72,151) employees, surpassing the target of the national transformation program. At 50 thousand jobs. The average volunteer work hours for Saudis during the year 2018 amounted to about 53 annual volunteer hours, with a slight margin for males compared to females, and the rate of volunteering among the age group between 30 to 34 years is high, and its percentage decreases with age by 15%. Most of the non-profit organizations focus on the activity of social services, advocacy and counseling in exchange for a weak presence in the field of environment, education, research, advocacy, advocacy, culture and entertainment. Non-profit organizations are considered a third tributary in implementing development plans, in addition to the public and private sectors and the state budget. Despite the recent decline in its revenues, it is expected that a tangible breakthrough will occur in the second half of this year.

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