5.3 billion Saudi non-oil exports to America, an increase of 3.5%

Saudi exports to the United States increased, including organic chemicals, precious and semi-precious metals, and the textile industry. During the year 2020, it will reach 5.3 billion riyals, an increase of 3.5%.

The United States and the Kingdom exchanged 75.6 billion riyals of goods during the year 2020, and is the second largest exporter of imported goods in the Kingdom, while the Kingdom remained in the twenty-fourth place among the largest exporting markets to Washington, and included Saudi commodity exports estimated at 33.7 billion riyals to the United States. Primarily, crude oil, which represents 84% ​​of the total value of exports, and aluminum and its materials recorded the largest non-oil imports to the United States from Saudi Arabia with a value of one billion riyals.

In second place were exports of military equipment, unspecified, with a total value of 602 million riyals, and exports of medical and pharmaceutical donations with a total value of 2.1 million riyals.

Organic chemicals ranked third, accounting for 910 million riyals, while fertilizers came fourth among the categories of Saudi non-oil exports, with a total value of 856 million riyals.

It is also considered among the most growing export categories in 2020, “precious and semi-precious metals, pearls, and coins”, with a total value of 323 million riyals.

The Director of the Economic Research Department at the Saudi-American Business Council Al-Bara Al-Wazir said: Non-oil exports to the Kingdom decreased by 12% globally in 2020, while non-oil exports to the United States increased by 3.5% despite the pandemic conditions, which reflects the flexible increase in demand from US importers. On Saudi goods, which exceed petrochemical derivatives and minerals.

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