46% increase in the stock index to increase trades and deals

The Saudi market index ended the period between Eid Al-Fitr for the years (2020-2021) with an increase of 46%, equivalent to 3272 points, thanks to the increase in trading and the volume of deals.

The market closed in its last session on Monday, May 10 in the last session before the Eid holiday at 10,323 points, compared to the closing of the same period last year at 7,051 points. Market gains during this period are the largest since the period between Eid Al-Fitr for the years 2004-2005, which increased This period witnessed several events that affected the performance of the market, the most important of which was the recovery of trading values ​​and the remarkable increase in the number of executed deals that exceeded half a million transactions in some sessions, which are record rates that have not been recorded since 2006. The shares of all companies recorded a rise during The period extending between Eid Al-Fitr (2020-2021), with the exception of “Savola”, which fell by 3%, and the “Wafra” share of the gaining companies during the period was topped by more than 500%, followed by the “Paper Industry” by 437%, then “Refineries” by 435%, while all the large companies ’shares witnessed an increase during the period except for“ Savola ”, and“ Al-Rajhi Bank ”was the highest gainer by 77%. The shares of SABIC, Al-Ahly Saudi and STC rose by 48% and 44%. And 21%, respectively, and Aramco’s share rose by 8%, while real estate funds recorded an increase during this period. “Al-Jazeera REIT” units account for 192%, followed by “Swicorp Wabel REIT” units with 56%. Since 2014, the stock market has witnessed a wide range of reforms aimed at enhancing transparency and governance and improving the legislative and regulatory environment, and while the Saudi market joined 3 international indicators, namely Morgan Stanley, FTSE Russell and S&P Dow Jones, the value of foreign flows rose to 208 billion riyals, and investors were allowed Al-Astrajyeen has a percentage of ownership of 100% on condition not to sell the shares for two years, and it is expected that the current year market will witness more than 10 IPOs It is worth noting that trading in some sessions recorded record numbers of 14 billion riyals.

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