450 thousand tons of Ramadan dates to keep pace with demand and price stability

Dealers in the dates market in Jeddah confirmed that 450 thousand tons of all types of dates were provided in preparation for the current Ramadan season in light of the 80% increase in demand, indicating that it represents 35% of the annual production, which is approximately 1.5 million tons .. The price of sugar and salvation cartons is 8 kg. With 80 riyals, the price of 3 kilo Ajwa dates reached 120 riyals, and the price of a maftal 3 kilo weighed 80 riyals, explaining that 90% of consumers prefer salvation, diabetes, and Ajwa.

Abdul Rahman Al-Halifi, one of the investors in dates, said that date traders store and cool them in preparation for the Ramadan season, in which consumption rises to more than 80%, while 60% of the crop is allocated to the blessed month of Ramadan and 40% for the rest of the year, in addition to external export, and he said that 90% Of consumers, Khlas Al-Ahsa and Sukari Al-Qassim, which is considered the best in quality, are accepted.

Muhammad Al-Saidi, one of the dealers in dates stores in Jeddah, indicated that 450 thousand tons were provided for the month of Ramadan to keep pace with the high demand, which leads to the stability of prices and not to rise significantly, and pointed to the interest shown by the state recently in the dates sector to raise the proportion of exports abroad and support the export and marketing plans and raise quality. Ali Al-Wasabi, one of those dealing in dates stores, pointed out to the stability of dates prices during the previous 4 months, as the price of Sukkari and Salvation cartons reached 8 kilograms at 80 riyals, while the price of Ajwa dates reached 3 kilograms at 120 riyals, and the price of Al-Maftal was 3 kg Kilo 80 riyals.

He pointed out that the Saudi product has become more popular abroad, especially the type of diabetes Al-Qassim. While the Kingdom ranked second in the world in the production of dates at 17% of the total global production, the goals of its 2030 vision included being the largest exporter of dates in the world. Various regions produce 1,539,755 tons of dates annually, while the volume of exports recently reached 184 thousand tons with a value of 860 million riyals. The number of date palms is 31,234,155 on an area of ​​107 thousand hectares for more than 123 thousand date palm holdings .. and 157 local date factories contribute to the manufacture of downstream products.


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