414 billion riyals, stock market gains in a week

The Saudi stock market ended its weekly transactions with a noticeable rise, to record the highest gains in about 20 months, in light of the collective rise of the sectors, amid a noticeable improvement in liquidity. Market gains during the week amounted to 414.63 billion riyals, bringing the market capital to 10.39 trillion riyals, compared to 9.98 trillion At the end of last week, the general index of the market “TASI” recorded an increase of 5.67%, which is the highest gain for the index since the beginning of May 2020, adding 648.5 points to its balance, which rose to the level of 12,079.01 points, and all sectors closed in green, with the media sector leading And entertainment, which jumped 11.51%, followed by the banking sector by 7.73%, the basic materials sector rose 5.82%, the energy sector recorded an increase of 3.66%, and the communications sector gained 0.91%, and at the level of stock performance, the “Knowledge City” share recorded the highest gains during the week. An increase of 17.67%, and the largest losses were for the “Amanah Insurance” share after its 9.1% decline. “Al-Rajhi” topped the stock activity at the value level, by about 2.94 billion riyals, and the “Saudi Kayan” share recorded the highest quantities with 63.26 million shares, and witnessed the movement of trading in the market Stocks, up significantly during The week at all levels, compared to the week ending on January 6, 2022, and trading values ​​increased by 35.37% to 36.66 billion riyals, compared to 27.08 billion riyals last week. With regard to the parallel market, the (maximum growth) index recorded weekly gains of about 2.52%, Adding 645.55 points, it rose to the level of 26,263.32 points, and the trading value in the parallel market fell to about 980.3 million riyals, compared to 1.06 billion riyals last week, while trading quantities rose to 5.16 million shares, compared to 3.8 million shares recorded by the market during the previous week.


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