400 talents conclude a creative journey in Abha

The initiative attracted a creative journey around the Kingdom, in cooperation between the General Entertainment Authority and the MBC Academy, in which the city of Abha drew multiple different artistic aspects that allowed the discovery of many talents, and included, during two consecutive days, distinguished and varied talents between singing, playing, acting, and producing. Directing, filming and drawing, in which the young men and women of the region showed their distinctive rich and creative abilities.

Diversity and richness

Over the two days, nearly 400 talents of all age groups of both sexes, males and females, participated in the performance auditions, and the experiments witnessed a large participation of women, and the city of Abha is the fourth stop in the itinerary of this journey and came after three cities of Jeddah, Al-Ula and Tabuk, respectively, with a jury. It includes many specialists, interested people and artists, led by the Director of Talent in the Entertainment Authority, Abdulaziz Al-Zamil, the artist Omar Al-Diny, the singer Hagros, the artist Khaled Yeslam, the artist Reem Abdullah and the artist Rimas Mansour.

female presence

The initiative witnessed a large presence of girls and women in the region, such as the talent of the plastic artist and certified trainer Afaf Abdullah and her beautiful paintings, which combined three artistic schools, namely realism, influencer and abstraction, in which her tendency and strong love for horses became clear. There was also the plastic artist Mahra Al-Qahtani, who opened her first painting nearly five years ago. Entitled Rafqa with the Bottles in front of her a door of creativity, she told the great difficulty that women and girls faced in the past in the region in practicing the art they love, and ears and hearts listened to the voice of the 17-year-old singer, Inas Al-Shahrani, who was distinguished by a melodious and endearing voice, as well as a talent The distinguished and well-received director, Rawan Abu Sarhad, who presented a short film with her distinguished team consisting of a director, a script writer, and a third actress. Also from the experiences was the photographer Rima Al-Almaei, who gave a presentation highlighting the images that he had done. She took it herself, and provided a brief overview of each photo with appropriate content.

next station

The results will reach subscribers by messages on their mobiles tonight before midnight, in which they are invited to attend tomorrow to celebrate and honor from four o’clock until six o’clock in the evening. .


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