40 initiatives to accelerate investment deals and privatization programs

Minister of Investment Khalid Al-Falih confirmed the existence of 40 executive initiatives that provide qualitative investment opportunities for the private sector, explaining that achieving the objectives of the national investment strategy requires a comprehensive development package defined by the strategy, which is based on four essential pillars represented in developing investment opportunities, targeting all types of investors, and diversifying financing options. and enhance competitiveness.

During an introductory meeting on the national investment strategy, he gathered with a group of economists, specialists and media professionals to implement the strategy through two tracks. The first includes short and medium-term initiatives to stimulate investment at a faster pace, while the second track includes sustainable and long-term programs and initiatives that focus on reforms and structural solutions to develop the investment system.

He explained that among these initiatives, the initiative to speed up priority investment deals by providing appropriate incentives, accelerating the partnership between the public and private sectors and privatization programs.

He said: The Supreme National Investment Committee, headed by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, is overseeing the implementation of strategic programs and initiatives.

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