4 side effects of tuna, including impaired fertility

The tuna meal is highly regarded by many for several reasons, including its cheap price and benefits, but the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) has revealed that some fish, such as canned albacore tuna, contain high levels of mercury.

Eatthis magazine, which specializes in food and health, presented 4 side effects of eating canned tuna and described them as “secret” in an article titled “Science says there are secret side effects of eating canned tuna.” They occur as a result of eating high amounts of mercury in this meal.


A study published in 2019 revealed that excess exposure to mercury can cause impaired reproductive function. The article advised people who would like to choose low-zinc fish as their diet instead of canned tuna, such as salmon, or include tuna fish with other vegetarian meals to reduce their consumption.

Delayed growth of the child

According to (Medical News Today), eating a lot of mercury during pregnancy can be dangerous for unborn children or for young children after birth, and during pregnancy when the fetus’s brain is developing, it absorbs nutrients quickly, and mercury can affect Absorbed on several processes in the child, including learning difficulties and developmental delays.

When breastfeeding after birth, high doses of mercury and chemicals can lead to cognitive problems such as cerebral palsy and blindness.

blood pressure

Research has shown that exposure to mercury is linked to high blood pressure (hypertension), high levels of bad cholesterol (LDL), and an increased risk of stroke or heart attack. Therefore, the article was keen on the need to diversify the fish meals, and not limit them to canned meals only, especially the tuna meal.

primary senses

The article noted that large amounts of mercury may cause very serious problems in some, such as memory loss and thinking abilities in adults. In addition, people develop tremors and numbness of the limbs, and other symptoms include difficulty walking, lack of coordination between body organs and muscle weakness.

good quantity

The article states that experts recommend eating only two to three servings of tuna or tuna fish per week.


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