4 Reasons to Love the New HUAWEI P50 Pro and HUAWEI P50 Pocket Launched in Kuwait

HUAWEI P50 Pro Best Aesthetic Camera Smartphone While HUAWEI P50 Pocket brings fashion, beauty and technology innovations to the fold

Huawei announced the launch of a phone HUAWEI P50 Pro – The best aesthetically designed camera smartphone and phone HUAWEI P50 Pocket Al Jadeed – A beautiful foldable phone with the beauty of fashion and technological innovation in Kuwait during a regional launch event held in Riyadh and attended by various media and guests.

Phone will be available HUAWEI P50 Pro Two great finishes and colors – Cocoa Gold And Golden Blackin Kuwait on 3/2/2022 with pre-order starting from 27/1/2022 at a price of 319.9 Kuwaiti dinars

While a phone will be available HUAWEI P50 Pocket in two colors White And Premium Gold In Kuwait on 10/2/2022 by pre-order starting from 3/2/2022 at a price of 429.9 Kuwaiti dinars from Huawei online platforms in addition to authorized retailers.[MB1]

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Here are four reasons why we love these two flagship phones from Huawei.


My phone HUAWEI P50 Pro And HUAWEI P50 Pocket

Reason #1: It’s all about appearance!

Both phones have amazing designs. Dual Camera Array Design for Phone HUAWEI P50 Pro Unique with double ring construction and makes phone identification easy immediately. On the front, the phone features a wide 6.6-inch 3D curved screen with a single punch-hole camera. Playing games and watching videos on a high definition screen – HDR This one is with color gradient support P3 Full is fun. The screen is a screen True-Chroma A high refresh rate of 120Hz with a touch sampling rate of 300Hz for a smooth user experience. Moreover, it will give you water and dust resistance IP68 Peace of mind.

talking on the phone HUAWEI P50 PocketIt’s a beautiful phone with a seamless fold that leaves no gaps and folds into a thin and light profile. This makes the phone easy to grab and put in a pocket. Seamless folding is made possible by the new generation of the multi-dimensional hinge with a short radius. This hinge, combined with the exclusive Multi-Dimensional Lifting design, allows the HUAWEI P50 Pocket This provides a smooth and flat screen while also allowing the device to stay slim. When it comes to color, you have color White And Premium Gold to choose from. The luxurious gold tone is a flaunting display of craftsmanship, while the white version exudes the beauty of diamonds through its advanced 3D micro-carving design. The luxurious gold color is only available on a copy HUAWEI P50 Pocket Premium Edition It was created in partnership with Iris Van HerpenA well-known high-end fashion designer.

The second reason: the cameras!

It offers a dual camera array array in a phone HUAWEI P50 Pro Ultra-realistic images. technology allow HUAWEI XD consumers by capturing stunning images and reproducing fine detail. phone HUAWEI P50 Pro It also comes with a feature XD Fusion Prowhich is an improved solution that includes a system Super Color Filter new and drive True-Chroma Image and technique Super HDR Dramatically improve detail, color, and dynamic range. It also supports an unprecedented zoom range of 200 times, which helps users to capture anything regardless of distance.

Provides an image engine True-Chroma The highest possible color accuracy, creating images that reflect what the human eye sees. The ambient light sensing system uses a 10-channel multi-spectrum sensor, coupled with color calibration of more than 2,000 colors across a wide color gamut. P3, to improve its ability to detect ambient light and average color gradation accuracy by 50% and 20%, respectively. In low-light scenarios, images appear brighter and more detailed. pick up technique Super HDR light by 28% any more than the dynamic range for better low backlight performance. supports phone HUAWEI P50 Pro Accurate video recording 4K across the full focal range. technology helps AIS PRO All-new image stabilization technology enables users to easily capture portable still videos, while AI cinemagraph Great for creative shots that showcase simple motions.

offers a phone HUAWEI P50 Pocket New hack for HUAWEI IMAGETM. Like a phone HUAWEI P50 Pro phone comes HUAWEI P50 Pocket Also with advanced camera features like Photo Engine True-Chroma And HUAWEI XD Optics And HUAWEI XD Fusion Pro. The most interesting feature of the camera on the phone is the Super Selfie Which uses selfie algorithms and takes advantage of the phone’s foldable form factor, and allows you to take superior and more attractive selfies using the main camera sensor. In this phone, you can take advantage of the technology Ultra Spectrum Image Technology, which can capture details about your subject that are invisible to the human eye. Another useful addition is the mirror app’s sunscreen detection feature, with which you can check how well you apply sunscreen to your screen and avoid getting sunburned!

Reason 3: Long battery life and fast charging speeds

What extends the phone HUAWEI P50 Pro It is a large 4360 mAh battery that supports Huawei’s ultra-fast charging technology HUAWEI SuperCharge 66W wired and charging HUAWEI SuperCharge 50 watts wireless. What is mind-blowing is that even with a battery of this capacity, the phone is only 8.5mm thick. As for the phone HUAWEI P50 Pocket It also contains a large battery that supports Huawei’s ultra-fast charging technology – HUAWEI SuperCharge 40 watts.

Reason 4: The superior device features are another reason to love these phones

Both phones are powered by the user interface EMUI 12 It is innovative and comes with a clean and elegant look. Controlling multiple devices at once is as easy as controlling just one, thanks to the superior device features – Super Device. With a distributed file system, both phones can also act as external storage that’s wirelessly connected to your computer, meaning you can access the files you want more easily than ever before.

Finally, there is one feature in a phone HUAWEI P50 Pocket Worth mentioning is the smart cover screen that lets you check notifications, schedules, calendar, music, weather and more. Content and services flow seamlessly between the home screen and the cover screen, and users can even access the camera from the phone’s cover screen.

So what do you think of the two new flagship phones from Huawei? We absolutely love them!

[MB1]Please confirm the colors and add offers here if any
[MB2]Please check the available colors and add offers here if any

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