4 nutritional rules to extend life

Nutritionist Mark Gilbert talks about dietary guidelines that can improve health and extend life. According to what the expert said to “Express”, the first step is to reduce your total calories.

food system

The expert said: Eating a low-calorie diet can slow aging and prevent cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s.

Vitamin D

Equally important is the balance of vitamin D in the body, the level of this vitamin in the body, according to the expert, is inversely proportional to the risk of death. He explained that “vitamin D” is closely related to immunity and helps in the immune response of T cells.


Gilbert also recommended adding berries to the diet, as it improves heart health, strengthens immunity, and lowers blood pressure. Additionally, berries boost normal blood flow and prevent cholesterol build-up.

Green tea

To reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, a nutritionist has advised that you drink green tea regularly. The expert concluded that compliance with all four rules, even in a short period of time, significantly improves the general condition of a person, and in the long run, significantly increases the chances of a long life.


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