4 mistakes in the first interactive live film in Al-Ahsa

The director executing the first interactive Saudi film and a social event (Gog: The Curse of Erm) in Al-Ahsa, the cinematographer Fahmi Farhat, spotted about 4 negatives and errors during its broadcast last Monday on the film page on the Instagram platform yajujfilm, namely: Delay in broadcasting for more than 4 hours from the date Specifically, the low level of makeup, lighting, and broadcasting in more than one account, explaining to “Al-Watan” that this is the first experience at the national level that brings together 3 categories (filmmakers, dramatists, and social media activists) in one site.

Day rehearsals

Farhat said to “Al-Watan” yesterday, on the sidelines of the film’s cash session at the Al-Ahsa Cinema Club of the Culture and Arts Association in Al-Ahsa: I am very happy to present this experience, which is considered the first of its kind in the world, and achieved 50% success in the idea of ​​the film, and in the idea of ​​the event 100%, pointing out that such films cannot be presented inside cinemas, indicating that the delay in broadcasting caused the start of work during the night hours, but all rehearsals were in the daytime period.

Improvement and development

He added that this experience has opened many doors for them towards providing distinguished experiences later, with further improvement and development to produce more quality and mastery work, which include: providing advanced mobile phones and advanced audio equipment to avoid negatives and errors that may be the cause of a decrease in quality The action, and broadcasting through one account only, explaining that the film is action, excitement, zombie and the end of the world, and it was broadcast from Al-Ahsa to mobile phone screens, and following the events of the film on an up-to-date basis from different points of view and interacting with the characters.

Empty Quarter

The idea of ​​the movie revolves around travelers on a tourist bus on their way to a newly discovered location under the dunes of the Empty Quarter, and tourists are exposed to a mysterious virus that turns its victims into cannibals, and there it is imperative that the bus passengers try to survive to prevent the savages from wreaking havoc on the ground.


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