4 “iPhone 14” devices, 3 watches and a headset… a new “Apple” for customers

4 new models have joined the “iPhone” family from Apple, “iPhone 14”, “iPhone 14+”, “iPhone 14 Pro”, and “iPhone 14 Promax”, to dispense with the American brand for the first time from the “Mini” model. The smaller size it has been providing to its clients in recent years. At the same time, the company launched 3 new Apple Watch watches, which are Apple Watch 8, Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Ultra, in addition to AirPods Pro headphones, in an event held yesterday evening, which witnessed the presence of a group of of the guests at its headquarters in the United States of America for the first time since the Corona pandemic. The event was watched by millions across the company’s digital channels, as the company began the event by unveiling its latest “Apple Watch 8”, which comes with a new design and modern technologies that help customers stay connected all the time.

The watch contains the latest Siri 8 system that helps customers to request a call, monitor their movement, remind them of appointments, alert them about their health status, and provide 24-hour weather information.

The watch also comes with the latest Apple security systems that protect customers in the event of theft, and help them search for the location of the Apple Watch 8 and call emergency in the event that its owner is exposed to any uncalculated operation, and it supports customer contacts internationally, which helps them to stay They are in touch all the time with their businesses even when they travel to countries outside their corporate headquarters.

The company also launched the “Apple Watch SE” for children, which is the first time that “Apple” distinguished this category of customers, and it also launched the “Apple Watch Ultra” that can work for 36 hours continuously, which constitutes a new generation of smart watches in the family. American label.

The company announced the start of the demand for new Apple Watch watches from today, and they will be officially delivered to customers starting from September 16, while the Apple Watch Ultra will be available from September 23.

Prices for the Apple Watch 8 in the United States start at $399 for the GPS version and $499 for the GPS version that receives calls.

The company also launched the latest version of the “AIRPODS PRO” headphones, which have become very popular and popular all over the world, according to Apple CEO Tim Cook, which comes with its latest models to help customers answer calls, hear voice messages and music with ease and comfort. peer.

The company launched the iPhone 14 with a size of 6.1 inches, and the iPhone 14+ with a size of 6.7 inches, in addition to the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Promax.

The iPhone 14 comes with the longest battery life in Apple devices and enjoys the A15 system and an advanced 12-megapixel high-resolution camera for around-the-clock shooting and 49% stronger lighting power than the previous model.

The device is equipped with the fifth generation communication system, and is available in a version of the availability of the smart chip “E sim”. The company also presented the specifications of the iPhone 14 Pro, which comes with the most powerful camera in its history. The price of the “iPhone 14” starts at $ 799 in the United States of America, compared to $ 899 for the “iPhone 14 +”, $ 999 for the “iPhone 14 Pro” version, and $ 1,099 for the “iPhone 14 Promax” model.

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