39 reports of drug side effects every hour

The Food and Drug Authority revealed that it received, through its National Vigilance Center, about 46,963 reports from health care providers in all regions of the Kingdom about side effects of medicines, during 2020 until September, that is, more than 39 reports every hour during the official working hours estimated at seven hours per day according to The center’s website recorded an increase of 56.9% compared to the same period during 2019, which amounted to 29,917 reports.

Pharmacological safety

Hospitals and health centers that reported drug side effects to the authority received the highest percentage of reports received with 27,218 reports, 58%, and private pharmacies with 19745 reports, 42%.

The higher percentage

The list of hospitals and health centers included 135 hospitals and centers, topped by the 72 hospitals and centers of the Ministry of Health, with 15,218 reports, 55.9% of the total reports, followed by military hospitals with 8,537 reports, 31.4%, and 30 hospitals, then medical cities with 3 cities and 1947 reports by 7.1%, then specialized hospitals with 887 reports, or 3.3% from 4 hospitals, then private hospitals with 448 reports, or 1.6% of 21 hospitals, and the university came at the bottom of the list with 181 reports from 5 hospitals.

List of hospitals and centers

The highest percentage in the reports received by the National Vigilance Center during the nine months of the beginning of the year came in September with 6,657 reports, of which 4,627 reported to hospitals and health centers and 2,030 to pharmacies, and secondly, in July, with 6,420 reports to hospitals and health centers, 4,345 reports, and 2,075 reports to pharmacies, Then, in August, 6235 reports, including 4225 reports to hospitals and health centers, and 2010 reports to pharmacies.

Reports of side effects during the nine months

46,963 reports in 2020

29,917 reports in 2019

27218 hospitals and health centers

19745 Native Pharmacies



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