38.3 percent of Kuwaiti children’s time is wasted on YouTube.

A new research study conducted by Kaspersky on the safety of children on the Internet revealed the content that attracted children’s interest this summer. She indicated that children who use Android devices in Kuwait spend the most time on YouTube, with 38.3 percent of the time spent on the Internet, indicating that according to expectations, Instagram (9.7 percent) and WhatsApp (9.7 percent) 11.2 percent) among the most popular apps this summer.

The study, which was based on data from the “Kaspersky Safe Kids” service, showed that “TikTok”, “YouTube” and “WhatsApp” platforms remained at the top of the most popular applications among children in the Middle East during the summer.

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She stated that worldwide the popularity of “Instagram” continued to decline among children, while the opposite happened with the “Eurovision” music competitions, which increased in popularity, while the popularity of the game “Brawl Stars” exceeded the popularity of its counterpart “Roblox”.

Kaspersky analyzed anonymous data such as search queries and popular Android apps, as well as categories of websites, all data voluntarily provided by users of the Kaspersky Safe Kids platform, to learn about changes in children’s interests and needs during the summer of 2021.

The main activities that attracted children’s interest were videos and YouTube, and research inquiries related to video games (19 percent), such as guides for games called “let’s play”, emerged in this context.

The world’s most popular guide video creators include SSundee and English-speaking MrBeast Gaming, while Minecraft was the most popular game during the summer (25.9 percent), while Brawl Start topped it (4.9 percent). percent) for the game «Roblox» (4.6 percent).

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