35 thousand riyals, the value of a ticket to East Asia

The prices of travel tickets have witnessed a significant increase after the lifting of the travel ban on international flights to and from the Kingdom. Alpha, which led to controversy and surprise for many citizens, especially those who are in the process of finalizing the travel procedures for their workers.

It was also noted that these prices begin to decline gradually, but not to the acceptable extent, until they reached 15,000 after a month, then 8000 after two months, and 7000 after 3 months.

indirect flight

These prices affected East Asian countries such as the Philippines and others, where one of the female citizens stated that she found a ticket at 35,000 riyals a day ago when she was looking for a reservation for her maid, especially flights from the Kingdom to the capital, Manila, which raised her question who can pay this price, and that The trip is not direct, but there is a stop for 8 hours, which combines the high cost of the ticket, the length of the trip and the great trouble that accompanies it.

She added that these flights to Manila begin to decline gradually after a month, reaching 15,000 riyals, and after two months the cost of the ticket was 8,000 riyals, and after three months it reached 7,000.

travel suspension

It was decided to adopt the lifting of the suspension of travel of citizens outside the Kingdom, starting from 1:00 am on Monday, Shawwal 5, 1442, corresponding to May 17, 2021, according to what was reported by the official Saudi Press Agency.

The Ministry of Interior indicated that travelers will be subject to home quarantine after returning to the Kingdom for a period of 7 days, provided that a PCR examination is performed at the end of the quarantine period, and people under the age of 8 are excluded from the examination, and this category is modified according to the instructions of the Ministry of Health.

Classes allowed to travel

1- Immunized citizens who received two full doses of the (Covid-19) vaccine, as well as those who received one dose, provided that 14 days have passed since they were vaccinated with the first dose, according to what appears in the “Tawakkalna” application.

2- Citizens who have recovered from the Corona virus, provided that they have spent less than 6 months of being infected with the virus, according to what appears in the “Tawakkalna” application.

3- Citizens under the age of 18, provided that they present, before traveling, an insurance policy approved by the Saudi Central Bank, covering the risks of (Covid-19) outside the Kingdom, according to the instructions announced by the concerned authorities.


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