35% increase in consumer spending through points of sale

Consumer spending in the Kingdom through POS operations for the second week during the period from February 28 to March 6 increased by 34.6%, and the value of weekly sales increased, according to the weekly report issued by the Central Bank, to 9.88 billion riyals, compared to 7.34 billion riyals during the week ending on February 27. . Executed points of sale transactions increased by 22.4% during the week, to 91.2 million, compared to 74.53 million in the previous week. Sales were concentrated in the food and beverage sector with a value of 1.73 billion riyals, through the implementation of 24.07 million operations, followed by restaurants and cafes with a value of 1.05 billion riyals, with 24.38 million operations.

The miscellaneous goods and services sector came third with the volume of spending, with a value of 884.84 million riyals after implementing 6.5 million operations, then the health sector with 789.34 million riyals through the implementation of 5.81 million operations, and clothes and shoes with 703.79 million riyals by implementing 3.97 million operations. Via Point of Sale sales during the week ending March 6; With a value of 2.99 billion riyals, followed by Jeddah with 1.56 billion riyals through the implementation of 12.76 million operations, then Dammam with 543.2 million riyals.

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