320 billion dollars will be added by artificial intelligence to Arab economies by 2030

Pwc expects that artificial intelligence will contribute about $320 billion to the economy of the Arab region by 2030, and it is likely that the sector will add 135.2 billion to the Saudi economy, equivalent to 12.4 percent of the country’s gross domestic product, and about $96 billion to the UAE economy, equivalent to 13.6 percent. of its gross domestic product.

Expectations indicate that artificial intelligence will contribute about $45.9 billion, equivalent to 8.2 percent of the economies of Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and Qatar, and contribute about $42.7 billion, equivalent to 7.7 percent of the Egyptian GDP.

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These data, published by pwc, according to Bloomberg Al Sharq, confirm the importance of artificial intelligence and the great role it will play on the Arab and Gulf economic levels, while keeping pace with digital transformation, which is one of the main axes of national development plans in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and others.

The importance of artificial intelligence is expected to increase in many economic sectors in the region, especially banks, industry and oil. Interest in developing it and benefiting from its developments will contribute to the Gulf countries catching up with the global countries that preceded them in adopting artificial intelligence in many of their operations.

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