31 countries combat ransomware attacks

31 countries gathered at the initiative of the United States on Thursday pledged to strengthen cooperation to prevent and combat ransomware attacks and share insights.

The document was released after a two-day meeting hosted by the White House National Security Council, which was not invited by Russia and China, which many specialists consider to be among the most active hacking groups.

Washington is seeking to be more proactive and better coordinate a response to the ransomware attacks that have increased in recent months.

In the adopted document, delegations “recognized” the importance of international cooperation on this topic, including through the exchange of information regarding suspicious activities or financial transactions that may be linked to ransomware attacks.


A ransomware attack involves hackers penetrating the target entity’s computer network and then encrypting its data, demanding that a ransom be paid in exchange for decrypting it.

“The criminal activity of ransomware is often transnational and requires reactive and regular cooperation between judicial authorities, national security agencies, cybersecurity agencies and financial crime units,” said the Anti-Ransomware Initiative, which brings together countries participating in the meeting.

Countries pledged to “share experiences and best practices” in countering ransomware attacks, and concerned countries also plan to work with private companies to enhance information sharing about incidents.


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