30% of the body’s daily need for the suhoor meal

Many neglect to eat the suhoor meal despite its importance to enhance the health of the body and provide it with the necessary energy during the fasting period, which exceeds half the day. 30% of the daily requirement, or 700 calories for an adult.

Get rid of lethargy

He pointed out that eating the suhoor meal contributes to a sense of activity, getting rid of lethargy, and the ease of performing the Fajr prayer, in addition to the ease and speed of sleep before setting off to work again, there is an effect of changing the daily routine, work schedule and timing during the month of Ramadan, and the effect reaches the timing of sleep and the shift of most of its duration from the night To the day.

Dietary diversity

Al-Dhiabi explained that the suhoor meal is medium in quantity, varied in diet, and contains fiber from vegetables, fruits and whole grains. To help facilitate digestion. Starches can be added to the suhoor such as bread, rice or corn, with a little salt and oil added to the starches while they are cooking. Some prefer popular foods such as groats, and in the case of eating cereal, it is recommended that it be prepared from low-fat or skim milk, without adding broth cubes. He stated that the digestion and absorption of proteins takes longer than sugars and carbohydrates, so they give a sense of satiety for a longer period, and they are necessary and beneficial to the health of the body in general.

Unhealthy habits

Al-Deyabi is not advised to drink more water with the pre-dawn meal, because that is one of the unhealthy habits, and there is no dispute that drinking water or natural juices is important and beneficial to the body, but it is preferable that it be divided for approximately every two hours from breakfast to the pre-dawn meal. Rapidly losing it by frequent urination during the first hours of the day, with the deprivation of good sleep, the body does not store water that exceeds its need, and it is advised not to drink caffeinated drinks such as coffee, tea and fizzy drinks.


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