3 years since launching the first insurance platform in Saudi Arabia “Tameeni”

November of this year marks the date of three years since the launch of the first electronic insurance platform in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in November 2017 AD, which is a platform with an effective role in the insurance sector, which is approved and directly supported by the Saudi Monetary Agency, in order to keep pace with Vision 2030, and to promote the culture of digitization In the kingdom.

Since then, its role has been in facilitating the insurance experience, starting with the process of purchasing insurance policies for the customer, where he can compare the offers of other insurance companies with the diversity of their options with the presence of more than twenty insurance companies in one place, and this would facilitate the process of choosing the appropriate policy for the customer in several aspects, most notably with regard to At the right price, and facilitating the online payment mechanism (electronically), and within minutes a message arrives to the customer from the traffic department to register the vehicle insurance and link it to the Absher and Najm system. Tameeni has changed the concepts of insurance, and it is not intended to provide the cheapest vehicle insurance price, but rather for those looking for an easy and comfortable insurance experience so that all the family’s vehicles can be managed from one account to save time and effort.

The role of the platform appeared actively and effectively during the Corona pandemic, “times of curfew,” so that the platform became one of the best and most important options available to the beneficiary by launching the slogan (Insurance comes to you while you are at your home) and (Secure your car online for five minutes only)! It has also been able to consolidate its position in society and reduce more time and effort by enabling its beneficiaries to dispense with paper transactions, as it has become possible to record them electronically (online).

Among the advantages of the “Tameeni” platform are its ease of use, the immediate link of the document with the Absher system, Najm insurance services, the General Traffic Department, the addition of medical insurance for human cadres for small and medium enterprises, in addition to providing a distinctive service to customers with high quality by empowering a technical and legal team Integrated is ready to help, whether after the sale, or in the event that a consultation is needed in the event of a traffic accident, God forbid.

It also works to serve its clients through several companies registered on the platform, and these companies are one of the most important partners of its success, such as the “Al-Tawuniya Cooperative Insurance” company, “United Group for Cooperative Insurance”, “Al-Rajhi Takaful Insurance”, “The National Insurance Company” and “The Gulf Company.” The General Cooperative Insurance Company, the Mediterranean and Gulf Cooperative Insurance and Reinsurance Company, the United Cooperative Insurance Company, the Arab Shield Insurance, Walaa Cooperative Insurance, the Arab Cooperative Insurance, the Salama Cooperative Insurance Company and the Gulf Union Cooperative Insurance Company “Allianz Saudi Fransi Cooperative Insurance”, “Al Saqr Insurance Company”, “Solidarity Saudi Takaful”, “AXA Cooperative Insurance”, “Al Etihad Cooperative Insurance”, “Al Ahlia Insurance Company”, “Alinma Tokyo Marine Company” and “Malath Insurance” And cooperative reinsurance


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