3 ministries do not have a page in the open data portal

While the role of the open data platform is to publish data sets for ministries and government agencies with the aim of creating a government database and developing a general strategy to enable transparency, encourage e-participation and stimulate creativity, there is an absence of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Defense, Culture, and on the other hand the absence of updates in some of them. It constitutes an obstacle to the searcher for information.

What is open data?

It is that data that anyone can freely use and without technical, financial or legal restrictions, as well as re-use and publish it, taking into account the requirements of the legal license under which this data was published. All governmental and non-governmental entities can adopt publishing their data openly for various purposes.

According to the search in the portal, the following results appeared:


Data: 292

Latest file entitled (Number of establishments in the tourism accommodation sector – May 2019 – furnished housing units)

Created October 31, 2019

Update December 24, 2019

Energy / Industry and Mineral Resources

They have no information on the portal as an independent ministry and their last update was when the Ministry of Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources was


Data: 177

Last file created on June 1, 2020

And update it on June 23, 2020


Data: 192

The last file was created on July 3, 2019

And it updated on July 18, 2019

Media / Economics and Planning / National Guard – Health Affairs

Published data: zero

Foreign / Defense / Culture

There is no page in the portal

Environment, water and agriculture

Data: 838

Last file inserted Sep 9, 2020

And the last update is 15 September 2020

Islamic Affairs, Call and Guidance

Data: 3

Last file June 1, 2016

Last updated 2 July 2019

Human resources and social development

Data: 124

The last file was created on July 25, 2019

And update it on November 24, 2020

the health

Data: 727

The last file was created on July 7, 2019

And it was updated on December 31, 2019


Data: 79

Created on September 30, 2019

And it was updated on October 2, 2019


Data: 21

Last file on October 26, 2020

Updated October 29, 2020


Data: 39

The last file was created on June 1, 2016

Updated July 2, 2019


It has no information on the portal as an independent ministry and its last update was when it was the Sports Authority


Data: 68

The last file was created on October 31, 2019

And it was updated on December 25, 2019

Communications and Information Technology

Data: zero

Hajj and Umrah

Data: 2

Last file created and updated on October 22, 2019


Data: 10

The last file was created 1 June 2016

Updated July 2, 2019


Data: 3

It was created and updated on July 23, 2019

Municipal and Rural Affairs

Data: 79

Created: 6 July 2019

Last update on 5 September 2019


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