3 hours average Saudi phone use

A statistic on social networking sites in the Kingdom, prepared by digital media expert Abdullah Al-Qarawi, revealed that the average daily use time for Saudis is three hours and two minutes, with a rate of 70% for males and 30% for females.

users number

The Corona epidemic and the accompanying precautionary measures and home quarantine had a role in the high rate of users of the sites, as they were the most used outlet. Al-Qarawi pointed out that the number of users of social networking sites reached 25 million, while the number of phone users reached 44 million in 2020, due to the fact that some people own two or more devices.

around the world

He showed that the year 2020 witnessed an increase in the number of users of the Internet and social networks in the world in general, and since the beginning of the year this increase has proceeded in the Kingdom in a remarkable ascending manner, and the world population constituted 7.75 billion people, 4.54 billion the number of Internet users, and 5.19 billion the number of phone users, And 3.80 billion are the number of social media users in the world.

Social media users in Saudi Arabia


26 million


24 million


16 million


14 million

Facebook Messenger

14 million


14 million


12 million


10 million


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