3 days to complete the longest line mural in Al-Ahsa

About 50 male and female plastic artists, calligraphers and calligraphers continue to work to complete the longest Arabic calligraphy mural, along Dhahran Road in the city of Mubarraz, north of Al-Ahsa, organized by the Ministry of Culture and the Al-Ahsa Municipality.

Entrances to the main cities

According to two artists involved in the mural work, who confirmed to Al-Watan that this mural is one of a package of murals implemented by the Ministry of Culture and Municipalities in Saudi regions and governorates, with an area of ​​300 square meters (100 meters in length, 3 meters in height), a step aimed at increasing Aesthetics on roads, main squares and main entrances to cities, choosing designs with the relative advantages of each region and governorate, and choosing compatible phrases for each region and governorate in which the mural, which is of interest to the people there, also aims to support artists and artists, exchange experiences among them, and community participation in participation in mural work. A few days ago, the Al-Ahsa Municipality carried out the work of a “wall” in the walking track along Dhahran Road, specifically to implement the mural.

Two opportunities to improve

01 Intensification of the decorative work “Gulf and Islamic decoration” in the murals, to give the painting more plastic and artistic work “aesthetic” to the aesthetics of Arabic calligraphy.

02 Making murals from ceramics, to give them more beauty and strength, and keep colors for a long time.


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