2726 cases of violence and assault, women first

A recent report revealed that the number of referrals to the Social Service Department in Ministry of Health hospitals due to attempts at self-harm amounted to 846 cases, of which 490 were recorded for females and 356 for males. The cases of violence and assault referred to the committee to find out their causes were 2,726, of which the number of females came the most, with 2035 and 691 males.

refer patients

The report issued by the Ministry of Health 2020 clarified that referring patients to the social service department is according to the reasons for social research and gender, which varied between psychological and social, long-stay patients, going out against medical advice, financial reasons, and people with special needs, as well as receiving cases of violence, assault, attempt to harm oneself and others.

Various reasons

The report revealed an increase in the number of patients referred to the service department for psychological and social reasons related to the disease, with a total of 208,709 patients, and the number of males was 106,858 and females 101,851.

This was followed by long-stay patients who were referred to search for social reasons for each patient’s condition. The number of referrals was 30695, the number of males was 19803, and the females were 10892.

medical advice

At the time, the Social Committee recorded cases due to leaving against medical advice, and the total number of patients reached 16,407 patients, 8,818 for males and 7,589 for females. This was followed by cases due to the physical condition, with a total of 12618 patients, 8183 males, and 4435 female patients.

people with needs

While the committee recorded the reasons for the social research of patients with special needs, a total of 6506 patients, including 3619 males, and 2887 females.

The report added that there were received cases recorded under other reasons, amounting to 505,818 cases, the number of males being 271,435, while the number of females recorded 234,383 cases.


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