25 pillars and events at a youth forum in Al-Ahsa

Yesterday evening, the activities of the Ramadan Youth Forum “Male and Female” were concluded, organized by the General Administration for Youth Activities at the Youth Affairs Agency at the Ministry of Sports, and implemented by the Ministry of Sports office in Al-Ahsa, in the “Food Turk” event square on the Gulf International Road in the south of the city of Hofuf. For Al-Ahsa, it lasted 5 nights.

The organizing committees of the forum applied about 6 precautionary measures inside the forum square, with the follow-up of the volunteers and volunteers in the forum, and the procedures are: restricting entry to 100 visitors only, physical spacing between everyone, wearing masks, registering in a recession gathering «Tawakelna», measuring temperature Expanding the Forum Square to 5 thousand square meters, and the Forum will be operated by a group.

For his part, the leader of the forum, Muhammad Al-Zwaimel, told “Al-Watan” that the forum included 25 various entertainment pillars and activities, including: family sessions, games, challenges, adventures, delegations that support Saudi youth, Snap filters for three-dimensional corners, and various children’s games. And kiosks equipped for productive families to prepare traditional Ramadan dishes (Balila, liver, and kibbeh).

He added that the forum includes a competition and a League of Playstation “two gigantic screens” for 32 teams, “the first prize is 2000 riyals, the first prize is 1,000 riyals”, explaining that among them are dynamic games that depend on balance and physical laws, which are limited to time times to reach victory, including games A “closed” sport, many athletes could not win because of its difficulty and its combination of accuracy and focus, and the provision of various prizes for the winners and participants in the competitions, and the heritage corner of the “old Al-Ahsa neighborhood.”


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