22 Against the Earth, animated mini-movie and prequel to Soul, released on Disney +

The short film returns to the character 22, a cynical soul who seeks to avoid the blue planet. The fiction is available today on the platform of the firm with big ears.

Barely a week that Drunk won the statuette for best animated film at the Oscars, and Pixar is already announcing the release of a prequel, titled 22 against the Earth. A short film available from this Friday, April 30 for Disney + subscribers, dedicated to the character of 22, the little soul dubbed by Camille Cottin in the French version.

Drunk, released in December on Disney + and directed by Pete Docter (Up there, Vice Versa), follows the story of Joe Gardner, a New York musician who struggles to break into the business. He finally lands a concert, but accidentally falls into a manhole cover. Joe wakes up and understands that he is now in a state of mind, on his way to the afterlife. He will then meet 22. It is the number and the name of this soul that will help him return to Earth. Critically acclaimed, the film won two Oscars as well as two Golden Globes, for best animated film and best film music.

And it is precisely on this character that the short film is centered, 22 against the Earth, directed by Kevin Nolting. A first for that was until then the editor of Pete Docter. The animated mini-film takes place about twenty years before Drunk, and explains why 22 is also afraid to come to Earth. Helped by five other souls, she will do everything to avoid the planet. A story that had already germinated in the mind of the director for a few months. “Last December, the story team came up with several topic ideas for a short film, before choosing this one. 22 does not really exist in Drunk. When we were making the film, we wondered all the time how 22 had become like this, why she refused to come to Earth like other souls. This court was the perfect way to explore what we didn’t know about his personality.”Said Kevin Nolting. Before concluding : “Like me, 22 took her time to find out what she really wants to do with her life. “


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