200 service providers to apply electronic billing solutions

The Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority revealed that the number of providers of electronic billing solutions has increased to 200 service providers, as part of the efforts towards digital transformation. Next December, it will track supply chains between establishments, which will contribute to identifying cases of suspected cover-up and monopoly in supply chains, in addition to promoting fair competition to protect the interests of regular traders and consumers.

The launch of the project’s identity witnessed the signing of a number of agreements, in addition to the announcement of the indicative list of electronic billing solutions providers, which numbered more than 200 service providers, in preparation for the start of obligating the first phase (issuance and preservation phase) on December 4 of this year, and the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority confirmed In this regard, the list of providers of electronic billing solutions that has been launched is a non-binding indicative list, and its purpose is to help taxpayers choose the appropriate technical solution for the size of the facility and the type of sector.

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