20 minutes and 3D to experiment with nails

The “Masamar Game” is one of the distinctive places in the “Boulevard Riyadh City” area. It is a dynamic simulation game of the famous Saudi series “Masameer”, which takes you to a virtual experience that you live in amidst the events and characters of the series.

The series “Masamar” was produced in early June 2011, its characters drawn from the reality of Saudi society, to express societal problems in a sarcastic and distinctive way. The work was created by Faisal Al-Amer, Malik Najr and Abdul Aziz Al-Muzaini, and produced by Merkot Animation. The game was designed by the characters of the series, Saltouh, Raheeb, Dr. and Saad Ghannam and the dog are Trad. On the game grounds, there are four gates bearing the designs of the most famous series characters. Inside is an area equipped with all safety tools and directional panels, in addition to “3D” glasses that are distributed to the audience to begin the interactive journey with the characters of the series, in a three-dimensional hall and breathtaking enthusiastic events Sometimes, it provokes laughter at other times, accompanied by some spray in the chairs and a variety of air temperatures between hot and cold to live the experience in depth. The duration of the experiment in all four stages is 20 minutes, varying degrees from fast and dangerous to moderately dangerous, in which capsules of a futuristic nature can be used, in addition to that, the game corridors carry models of the most prominent characters and famous tools in the series, in addition to a hall that enables visitors to purchase souvenirs , which bears the character of the series.


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