19 singers banned from singing in Egypt

The Syndicate of Musical Professions in Egypt announced that 19 singers were banned from singing, and the head of the Work Committee of the Musicians’ Syndicate, Mansour Hindi, revealed the names of those who do not have a work permit, namely: Hamo Beka, Hassan Shakoush, Coriander and Throat, and Mustafa Zakaria, known as “Muslim.” , Abu Laila, Ahmed Qassem, known as “Filo”, Ahmed Moza, Hamo Tikha, Richa Costa, Samara, Shawaha, Walad Selim, “The Gang”, “The Leader”, Alaa Fifty, the “High Heels” band, Magdy Shata, and “Waze”, “Shakl”, and Amr Haha.

For his part, the head of the Syndicate of Musicians in Egypt, artist Hani Shaker, said that the list includes people who cannot sing in programs and films, and that they can do so on YouTube, due to the union’s lack of authority over the aforementioned site.

Hani Shaker confirmed, during a telephone interview with the “Happening in Egypt” program, that the singers against whom the decision was issued can sing outside Egypt, stressing that they are “prohibited from doing so inside it, whether on the stage or in an advertisement or program.”

He pointed out that among these names are those who cannot read and write, and those who have nothing to do with the union, and work illegally, stressing the need to alert the concerned authorities in the tourism police, hotels and shops, to prevent dealing with them, as well as those who took exams and failed them.


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