19% increase in personal status cases, the highest of which are marriage and separation

The total personal status cases received by the courts of first instance in the regions of the Kingdom, from the beginning of the current year until the 26th of Rabi` al-Awwal, amounted to 103766 cases, recording an increase of 19.2% compared to the same period last year, which amounted to 87,051 cases, according to the data of the Ministry of Justice index. Marriage and division with 13,366 personal status lawsuits.

Termination issues

The cases of personal status terminations during the three months amounted to 73422 with a percentage of 70.8%, of which 27,256 cases were in Muharram, 24048 in Safar and 22118 in Rabi` al-Awwal. It was followed by 23,317, 31.7%, followed by the termination of minors and those in similar status with 11,455, or 15.6%, while the case cases amounted to 30,344 cases, or 29.2%, of which 10,500 were in Muharram, 10450 during Safar, and 9394 in Rabi al-Awwal, and the higher cases came, including the cases of marriage lawsuits The division is 13,366, or 44% of the total cases, followed by the expenses and related cases with 9,060, then the custody, visitation, and 5645 cases attached to it.

Leading area

Makkah Al-Mukarramah region topped the rest of the regions in the number of cases during the three months with 27,303, of which 8959 are lawsuits and 18,344 terminations, and Riyadh came in second place with 25063, of which 17,173 cases and 7890 terminations were issued, and the Al-Baha region finally came with 1597 cases, of which 1189 were terminations and 408 cases. .

Total personal status cases received by the courts within 3 months


Lawsuits = 30344

13366 Marriage and the band

9060 expenses and ancillaries

5645 Custody, visitation and annexes

1627 division of inheritance

320 damage

167 Minors and the like

159 Endowments and Wills

Terminations = 73422

30855 Marriage and the band

23317 Life and death and what happens to them

11455 Minors and their equivalent

5235 interlocutory requests related to personal status terminations

2559 Endowments and Wills

1 division of inheritance


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