17,404 commercial registrations in Medina

The Medina Chamber issued its economic report for the first quarter of this year 2021 AD.

The report reflected a set of indicators and directives taken by the Chamber to stimulate the economic and investment environment and enhance the local content in the Madinah region by preserving the continuity of operating facilities and mitigating the negative effects of the pandemic on the business sector in particular and the community of Medina in general.

The report was based on the database of affiliates in the Madinah region and the classification of activities according to the National Guide for Economic Activities (ISIC4), where the total number of commercial records reached (45,396) commercial registrations, an increase of 7% compared to the general average during the period from March 2020 to March 2021 AD.

The report indicated that commercial activity acquired the largest number of commercial records, reaching (17,404) commercial registrations, then contracting (6,968), restaurant and catering activities (5,303), industrial activities (4,322), and service (3,244) commercial registrations.

The report revealed that tourism activities are among the most prominent activities affected by the pandemic, while transport, storage, communication and information activities have not been affected much, while restaurant and catering activities have witnessed a steady growth, especially after the decision to lift the ban, and commercial activities in Khyber Governorate witnessed a decline of about 2.6% in the number of records. Active during the month of March 2021

The report indicated the noticeable decline in the activities of vehicle maintenance, professional, health, educational, real estate and entertainment workshops, the swing of tourism activities, leasing activities, the growth of mining activities and the demand for agricultural products due to the impact of external supply chains, and this description applies to all activities in the governorates of Al-Ula, Al-Mahd and Khaybar, with a growing observation. Commercial activity in Khaybar and the relative stability in the health sector, the growth of the number of commercial registrations in the governorate of Manger and the relative stability in tourism, professional and health activities, with the continuous growth in tourism and agricultural activities in Al-Ula governorate, while the curve of commercial records witnessed a decline in Al-Ula governorate during the ban period and the recovery phase From the beginning of August, with an increase of (7.4%) compared to the annual average, and the indicators of the report on employment for the private sector showed that Medina occupies the sixth place among the regions of the Kingdom in terms of the number of workers in it, (284,772) employees, equivalent to 3% of the total employed In the regions of the Kingdom, according to the latest labor market statistics for the fourth quarter of 2020 issued by the General Authority for Statistics. The increase in employment in the region according to the activities that amount to (16) diversified economic activity.


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