17 programs launched with Deserving of Love .. Saudi Channel

The development of the Radio and Television Corporation has continued since 2012, until it launched this year the new identity for its television channels in conjunction with a cycle of programs that is the largest in its history, under the slogan «Deserves Love .. Saudi Channel», through which it will broadcast 17 programs, varying between political and entertainment And cultural, historical and competitions.

The new identity

“The new identity and the program cycle aim to achieve the aspirations and requirements of the public, and are based on local wealth, whether in our history, our present, or future opportunities,” said the CEO of the Radio and Television Corporation, Muhammad al-Harithi.

Successive developments

The story begins in 1962, when the then Crown Prince, Prince Faisal bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, delivered a statement explaining the Kingdom’s intention to introduce television broadcasting to the country, and in 1963 the Council of Ministers approved a project to establish a television in the Kingdom, and the plan was as follows: Establishing two temporary stations in Riyadh Oujda, and then create a more sophisticated television system. The official launch of Saudi television was in 1965, and the first broadcast began on July 7. Several stations were opened over the following years, such as the stations in Medina, Dammam, Al-Baha, Asir, Jazan, Najran, Tabuk, Hail and others. Saudi TV and Radio were transformed in 2012 into a public body, called the “Radio and Television Corporation”, which includes several channels: Saudi – News – Memories – Sports – Holy Quran – Sunnah of the Prophet – SBC.

The well-being of the viewers

In its new program cycle, SBC attached importance to the entertainment and well-being of viewers by presenting a variety of programs, in order to satisfy the Saudi viewer, including: Welcome, Max – on Promise – Kalam Cash – Drive Thru – Waad Academy – SBC Studio.

Documentary and cultural

– Men of Abdulaziz

– Rahal

Earth and humans

– Says

– Feather

– The project


– 1,000 miles

– Loggia people


– In public

– The Saudi Street

– Our home

– Situation

Talents and competitions

– Ask Saudi Arabia

– the little genius

life style

– Without charge

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