16 dinars is the average loss for every bank fraud in Kuwait

A survey conducted by “Kaspersky” revealed that the average losses resulting from every bank fraud in Kuwait amounted to 16 dinars, indicating that 47 percent of users in the Middle East, Turkey and Africa region faced at least one attempted bank fraud in the first half of 2020. .

The study showed that 83 percent of bank fraud attempts occurred over the phone, and that they were concentrated during business hours between 11 am and 6 pm between Monday and Thursday.

Prince Mohammed bin Salman

She pointed out that fraudsters are seriously prepared for fraud calls they make with their potential victims, and that they are actively using methods based on principles of social engineering, as in 37 percent of cases they mentioned the correct first and last name of the person they called, and in some cases they knew bank card data.

Kaspersky added that the most prominent tricks that the fraudsters resorted to was the need to inform the user of closing his bank card (69 percent), confirming his personal data (67 percent), or offering to obtain a personal loan (64 percent).

It reported that fraudsters tried to obtain a one-time use code from SMS text messages, or a card PIN code in about a third of cases (32 percent), and about a third of them (31 percent) tried to convince the user to transfer money to an account they claimed was safe.

“Kaspersky” noted that financial fraud continues to grow, noting that attacks with financial malware in the first half of this year in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries increased by 45 percent, adding that many users do not know how to distinguish fraud attempts, which leads to them. To losing money as a result of those attempts, even simple ones.

And it recommended that users, in the event they receive suspicious phone calls, end them immediately, and call the official bank number to ensure that their banking affairs are well.

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