150 thousand to close the Jana Al-Shehri case with the Majardah municipality

The Administrative Appeals Court in the Asir region upheld the ruling issued against the municipality of Majardah to pay 150,000 riyals to the heirs of the girl “Jana Ali Muhammad al-Shehri” in the case of the death of the 9-year-old girl, after a short circuit in one of the municipality’s lighting poles in Al-Fan Street garden caused this. .

The girl’s mother said: Despite the verdict being issued on 2/4/1442, the municipality is still procrastinating in payment, and upon review on 5/14/1442, the matter was referred to the Director of the Financial Affairs Department in the municipality of Majardah.

Payment procrastination

The mother of the child, Jana Al-Shehri, said that millions of the world do not compensate her for her daughter, but praise be to God in any case we demanded, reviewed and exhausted until a judgment was issued condemning the municipality of Majardah and obligating it to pay the amount of 150 thousand riyals, yet we have not obtained anything so far from the municipality of Majardah, which is Procrastination continued, despite the issuance of the ruling since 2/4/1442, and upon our last visit to the municipality on 14/5/1442, the matter was referred to the Director of the Financial Affairs Department in the municipality of Majardah.

The incident

The details of the case date back to Muharram 14, 1441, when a short circuit in one of the lighting poles of the municipality of Majardah on Al-Fan Street caused the death of Jana. Immediately, the security patrols, the civil defense, and the municipality delegate began inspecting the lamppost that caused the death of the child, and it became clear that there are 6 poles suffering an electrical shortage, and the electrical current was disconnected from the entire street, due to the danger of these columns, and the forensic report confirmed the death by electric shock. The case resulted in the dismissal of the Mayor of Al Majardeh at the time, the Director of Services, and the Head of the Municipality’s Electricity Department from their posts, and the perpetrators were referred to the Public Prosecution.


The ruling in the case was issued by the Third Administrative Circuit of the Administrative Court in “Abha”, in the session of the Second Administrative Circuit, which was held on 2/4/1442 in the Asir Administrative Court of Appeal. To him from spend.

14 Muharram 1441 AH A short circuit caused the death of “Jana”.

Security patrols began inspecting, and it became clear that 6 poles were suffering from an electrical shortage.

Disconnect the electrical current from the entire street.

Proof of forensic report death by electrocution.

Exemption and investigation of the mayor of Majardah, the director of services, and the head of the municipality’s electricity department.

Requiring the municipality of Majardeh to pay 150,000 riyals on 2/4/1442 AH.

The municipality procrastinated in paying, and referred the matter to the director of the financial affairs department in the municipality of Majardah.


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