150 riyals increase in livestock prices for the arrival of Ramadan and the increase in feed

Traders revealed a noticeable increase in the price of livestock between 50 to 150 riyals per head, as a result of the approaching month of Ramadan and the increase in consumption of red meat, and the increase in the prices of barley and fodder by 50% during the last 6 months, and the price of “freedom” increased from the age of 3 to 4 months. From 600 riyals to 750 riyals now, while the price of “al-Hariri” ranges from 5 to 7 months from 800 to 1100 riyals, and the importer of al-Sawakni recorded the average age of 600 riyals out of 450 riyals previously, while the price of cows “calves” ranges from 5 months to A year and a half between 3500 to 4800 riyals, and they indicated that the rise in prices is natural due to the high demand in the current period, stressing that it is a golden season for breeders to compensate for their losses and achieve good profits, and Muhammad Al-Yami (investor) said: This week witnessed an increasing movement in the sale and purchase of local livestock. The “free” varieties of lamb and goats have won the desires of many shoppers, due to their distinctive production and high-quality meat, unlike the imported ones, which are greatly preferred by restaurant owners due to the low price. He attributed the increase in prices to the high price of a barley bag weighing 50 kg from 42 riyals. To 53 riyals, and righteousness Sim from 13 riyals to 27 riyals, in addition to the high costs of medicines and accessories. Ali Asiri, an investor, said: The livestock market has improved during this period, unlike the beginning of last Ramadan, in which all activities were closed due to the Corona pandemic, which caused a stagnation and decline, and the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture recently launched a program to support small livestock keepers, which is one of the programs. Sustainable agricultural rural development, under the umbrella of the agricultural subsidies program, to comply with the aspirations of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, and announced last month that more than 123 million riyals were spent, and deposited in the accounts of the beneficiaries, while the total support amounted to more than 1.7 billion riyals.

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