$15 billion estimated bill for Hurricane Ida

Authorities in the US state of New Orleans asked residents to stay indoors, as fires raged out of control, and more than a million people were without power, a day after Hurricane Ida reached the shore as a hurricane.

Strong hurricane.

And the “Bloomberg” news agency reported today, Monday, that the storm, which was accompanied by some of the strongest winds that the region is exposed to, is…

At all, it made landfall on Sunday as a Category 4 hurricane, 97 kilometers south of New Orleans.

As the storm moved northward, it dumped a catastrophic amount of rain.

In the same context, Bloomberg News Agency reported today, Monday, that Hurricane Ida, which hit the coasts of Louisiana and the Gulf Coast, hit the coast of Louisiana and the Gulf Coast.

It could cost insurance companies about $15 billion at least, according to preliminary estimates.

Ellis Greenspan, lead insurance analysts at Wells Fargo Bank, said initial assessments are that insurers

The hurricane will pay up to $20 billion in damages, according to a memo sent to customers on Sunday.

Bloomberg believes that some of the past storms that hit the coasts of the United States, including Hurricane Katrina, have left damage.

Significant ones were not apparent until days after they made landfall, so early estimates are subject to major revisions.


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