1357 girls outperform men by walking

1157 girls outperformed men in practicing walking in the Jazan region, in 14 governorates and centres. The statistics of the Jazan Infantry Team revealed that the number of men who practice walking is 919, while the participation of women is 1357 in various governorates.

theater tops

Uhud Al-Masarha governorate topped the number of participants in walking in Jazan, with 366 participants, followed by Samtah governorate with 169 girls, and Madaya third with 168 girls.

Men’s formula

Quite the contrary, men in Jizan refuse to give in to rest and laziness. Rather, they practice walking in 3 periods, starting after the dawn and afternoon prayers, and after dinner, in designated sites represented in the walkways and the Jazan Corniche.

Field trip

On a field tour, “Al-Watan” monitored men walking daily, with retirees taking the lead in walking daily, followed by young people and children.

In Abu Arish governorate, the participant in walking in the walkway of Al-Asha roundabout travels a distance of 7600 steps back and forth, equivalent to 5 km, and it takes 60 minutes, while those who walk in the eastern walkway, in the same governorate, travel 2.5 km in 25 minutes, amidst youth and women’s competition Doing a daily walk.


The Assistant Director-General of the Ministry of Sports Office in Jazan, Aqil Saabi, explained that the practice of sports by girls has recorded a significant increase over the past years, at an average of 80%, amid the support and interest of many parties, to create appropriate sites, provide tools, and encourage girls to practice sports.

Daily routine

Jazan Infantry Commander Abdullah Akour confirmed that the number of participants in the walking programs implemented by the team is 919, while the participation of women exceeded the number of 1357 participants.

health benefits

And the citizen, Muhammad Bajaafar, indicated that he prefers to practice walking, after the dawn prayer daily, accompanied by his colleagues, noting that they walk 7,600 steps back and forth, an average of 5 km per day within one hour.


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