134 thousand beneficiaries of telehealth consultations

The Ministry of Health has not neglected its primary role in maintaining and providing basic health services in line with the circumstances imposed by the Corona pandemic, as providing remote consultations for 134,000 patients. Among those services it has carried out in many agencies related to providing health care and services, specifically in hospitals:

– Activating cooperation between specialized oncology centers in central regions and units in peripheral regions in patient follow-up.

– Taking the necessary medicines for oncology patients in their areas without moving, and the number of beneficiaries reached

About 5,000 patients.

Activating remote consulting clinics for patients in cardiac specialties, as the number of beneficiaries reached 15,000, and diabetics 60,000.

– Providing services to the geriatric specialty through virtual clinics, as the number of outpatient beneficiaries reached 21,000, and from virtual clinics 5,000.

– Providing services for the specialty of dermatology through virtual clinics, as the number of outpatient beneficiaries reached 32,000, and from virtual clinics 14,000.

– Providing services for the Down syndrome specialty through virtual clinics, as the number of outpatient beneficiaries reached 700, and from virtual clinics 800.

Activating virtual clinics in mental hospitals, which number 19 hospitals, as the number of beneficiaries of the service reached more than 40,000 beneficiaries.

Activating the delivery of medicines from health facilities to patients in their homes, to reduce the spread of infection, as the number of beneficiaries reached 445,000 patients.

– The Saudi Patient Safety Center issued a guideline for determining priorities for dealing with health cases.

Issuing a planning guide, to ensure the continuity of healthcare business, as well as a safety guide for health care providers.

Establishing a mechanism for the continuity of basic health program services in order to ensure the provision of treatment services, including routine clinics and surgeries.

– Receiving cases and following them up through the regions, to provide service, whether through virtual clinics or clinics within hospitals.

Confirmation of rescheduling of appointments for routine clinics and surgeries to ensure the implementation of the safety of beneficiaries from the transmission of Corona infection and the continuation of service provision.

Activating the telemedicine service as a way to follow up on patients, and to use it to guide the patient without the need to visit the health facility.

Providing electronic prescriptions, delivering medicines to homes, and developing guidelines in this regard.

Providing psychological support programs for health practitioners and the community around the clock through the unified call service “937” through 50 volunteers from doctors and psychologists.


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