130 Books Publications in Literary Al-Ahsa

Disclosure of the Chairman of the Board of Directors Al-Ahsa Literary Club Dr. Dhafer Al-Shehri, that the club, during the period of suspension of the club’s attendance activities due to the Corona pandemic, issued about 25 diverse cultural and literary publications, adding, “Despite the short lifespan of the Al-Ahsa Literary Club, its publications exceeded 130 books, and qualitatively jumped in printing publications, and the cost of issuing the book reached 20,000 riyals, with luxury printing, at a rate of 1,000 copies for each issue.

Clearance Validity

On the sidelines of the signing ceremony of about 12 new publications for the club, “10 young authors and girls from Al-Ahsa, 2 authors from outside”, in the presence of more than 50 male and female intellectuals, in the club’s first “in attendance” event, Al-Shehri indicated that literary clubs have authority from the Ministry of Culture in The release and issuance of literary and cultural books, which are subject to review, arbitration, and revision before printing, emphasizing their safety from all notes in addition to their importance and adding them to the library, and are available to everyone, explaining that the scenario of the journey of issuing and printing books through a specialized committee in the club, and the stages are as follows Receiving the book from the author, sending it to an arbitrator specialized in the book’s specialization to give an opinion of approval and merit for printing, with no notes, it will be printed. As well as the book that the arbitrator does not allow, an apology is made to the author with an explanation of the reasons for not being authorized.


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