120 billion dollars invested in “Metaverse” in 5 months

Spending between January and May is more than double the investor by 2021

Companies and venture capital funds invested $120 billion in the world of “Metaverse” or virtual reality between January and May 2022. More than double what was invested in 2021 as a whole at 57 billion.

The real estate sector is the preferred investment, real or virtual. The real estate based on “Metaverse” is a plot of land on a platform on which you can build anything digitally, such as an art gallery or a hall for digital concerts, and the platforms that develop these lands generate revenue by selling them Or lease it to luxury brands and fashion houses trying to reach consumers in Metaverse.

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Today, government entities are seeking to benefit from metaverses, by providing international headquarters, such as embassies and consulates, by default, such as the UAE Ministry of Economy, which announced the launch of a virtual headquarters in the world of “Metaverse”.

While problems in the real world economy, cryptocurrency market, and stock markets did not exclude the virtual world, for example, sales of retail space and virtual land fell by more than 60 percent this year to less than two billion dollars.

Citibank had indicated that the metaverse market and all other related industries may range between 8 trillion and 13 trillion dollars by 2030, and the total number of users of “Metaverse” will reach about 5 billion people.

It is expected that e-commerce will be one of the sectors that benefit the most from the virtual world, and by 2030 it is expected that its volume in “Metaverse” will be 2.6 trillion dollars, and many car manufacturers have also developed digital factories and virtual showrooms to simulate and test cars on “Metaverse”, which led to Rapid growth in this sector, and the volume of the automotive sector on “Metaverse” is expected to reach 16.5 billion by 2030.

He expects that other sectors such as art, media, advertising, healthcare and gaming will benefit the most from the virtual world.

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