12 steps to save children from self-harm games

The educational expert, Dr. Rasheed Al-Baidani revealed 12 steps to save children from self-harm games that have spread recently, especially with the diversity of modern technologies and electronic games that have introduced societies to a more dangerous stage, while leaving mobile phones in the hands of children and absolute freedom that makes them vulnerable to harm.

Prevention steps

Explain that to protect children from this danger, parents, teachers and all educators must adhere to 12 advice, starting with following the child continuously and around the clock, but taking into account that they do not feel that way so that they do not evade and try to hide what they are doing, in addition to monitoring phone applications for children, And not to leave phones in their hands for long periods. Parents must also occupy their children’s spare time to benefit them from the acquisition of useful science and various sporting activities, and to emphasize the importance of time for the child until he reaches a conviction in this, and to participate in all aspects of his life with advice and a good example. In addition to the above, it will be necessary to develop programs to develop the child’s skills, to employ these skills for what will benefit him and benefit from his creativity, and to constantly encourage the child to do positive, even simple actions from the parents’ point of view, and to give children a space for self-realization, enhancement of capabilities and gaining confidence. Children need training in defining their goals, choosing the best for drawing their future, urging effective and realistic participation in the family and community, helping them to choose a good companionship for children and following them in their studies through continuous communication with teachers and school administration, and alerting the child to the prohibition of using sharp instruments that affect him or her. Afflicts others with any bodily harm, and their body must be protected from everything that harms them.

New stage

The doctor added that with the electronic development and the presence of new games, the danger of self-harm increased as some soul patients and those with malicious purposes sought to manufacture electronic games to harm themselves that exploited the instinct of love of experimentation and risk in adolescents, and ended with everyone who tries to try it as a murderer, or a killer, and many more Families around the world do not know anything about their children who participate in these games, except after the disaster, when the game asks them to “complete secrecy”.

Follow up the child continuously, around the clock

– Monitor mobile applications for children

Not to leave phones in their hands for long periods

Parents should also occupy their children’s spare time

Their participation in all aspects of their lives

Establish programs to develop children’s skills

Always encourage the child to do what he offers

Giving children a space for self-realization and strengthening capabilities

Helping them to choose the right company for their children

Alert the child to the prohibition of using sharp objects

Preserving the child’s body from everything that harms him

Urging effective and realistic participation in the family and society


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