118 notorious offenders were seized within 4 months

The number of celebrities who violated the e-commerce system arrested by the Ministry of Commerce during the current year reached about 100 advertisers and advertisers on a number of social networking sites: “Snapchat”, “Twitter” and “Instagram”. While the number of celebrity advertisers who have been arrested, for violating the precautionary and preventive measures to combat the Coronavirus (Covid-19), about 18 advertisers and announcers. The Ministry of Commerce told Al-Watan that among the 18 advertisers and advertisers arrested on social media in the recent period, they violated the precautionary measures to combat the outbreak of the Corona virus, stressing that all these violations occurred during 2021.

Financial penalties

The ministry imposed fines of 165,000 riyals against 10 advertisers (6 males – 4 females) through social media platforms. Violations included: not writing the word “advertisement”, false allegations, and advertisements for counterfeit products. The Ministry also referred 90 advertisers (39 men – 51 women), who published 123 dissenting advertisements through their accounts on social media, to the Committee for Reviewing Violations of the E-Commerce System, to impose statutory penalties on them. The activities promoted by the violators included: perfumes, watches, accessories, women’s fashion, furniture, banned forex activity, banking services, delivery apps, and medical clinics. The Ministry had previously announced that fines of 740 thousand riyals were inflicted on 17 advertisers, thus bringing the total of fines imposed by the Ministry of Commerce to 905 thousand against 27, in violation of the electronic advertising controls stipulated in the e-commerce system and its implementing regulations.

Advertising controls

According to the E-Commerce Law and its Implementing Regulations, the electronic commercial advertising controls stipulate that the electronic commercial advertisement must include a statement indicating that it is an “advertising material”, and it is prohibited to advertise any trademark that the merchant does not have the right to use, or because the mark is counterfeit. Or deceive the consumer. It is noteworthy that the Ministry of Commerce monitors and tracks electronic advertisements, and refers violators to the committee to consider violations of the e-commerce system, through which it issues fines of up to one million riyals, in addition to blocking and closing the violating sites, and preventing them from practicing activity.

Corona violations

On the other hand, the Ministry of Commerce indicated that it referred 18 advertisers and advertisers to “Snapchat” to the competent authorities, for not adhering to the procedures, and announcing for the gathering and visiting the facilities, including one that caused the violation of 6 establishments and the closure of two establishments in “Arar”, for not adhering to the procedures, and the advertisement And invite shoppers to visit those facilities.

– 100 violating advertisers on a number of social networking sites

18 – They violated the precautionary measures to combat the outbreak of the Corona virus

– 165 thousand riyals fines against 10 advertisers (6 males – 4 females)

– 90 advertisers (39 men – 51 women) published 123 dissenting ads

– 905 thousand total fines against 27 violating electronic advertising controls


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