114 billion supported loans .. and 180 thousand products in 2022

The “sakani” program announced achieving its goals for the past year 2021, serving more than 225,000 families, and signing financing contracts worth 114 billion riyals.

This year, it aims to enable 180,000 new families to benefit from the various “sakani” options and solutions, including 130,000 families who live in their homes, and more than 100,000 subsidized real estate loans, and expanding the circle of eligibility by benefiting from the “facilitated product” and the “guarantees program”.

“Sakani” revealed its goals for the current year 2022 during the “Sakani Forum 2022”, which was held in the Al-Gwan suburb north of Riyadh, in the presence of a number of leaders of the housing system and success partners from real estate developers, financing companies and the media.

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing for Housing Support – Issam bin Ahmed Al-Ghamdi, explained in his speech that the program achieved its goals for the past year, recording the benefit of 225,761 families, including 186,283 families who resided in their homes, bringing the total number of families benefiting from the beginning of the program until now to 1.2 million families. “Sakani” provided 112 projects under construction in partnership with real estate developers, comprising more than 147,000 various housing units with an average of 700,000 riyals, referring to the easy services of the “sakani” application, which contributed to the issuance of more than 607,000 certificates bearing real estate transaction tax, and 31 thousand Electronic contract for residential land.

In turn, the CEO of the Real Estate Development Fund, Mansour bin Madi, reviewed the most prominent achievements of the year 2021, which were the signing of more than 182 thousand financing contracts with a value of more than 114 billion riyals, exceeding the target of 140,000 contracts by about 30%, bringing the total beneficiaries of the subsidized real estate loan program to 600 One thousand beneficiaries, with a value of 33.5 billion riyals, from June 2017 to 2021.

He pointed to the pivotal role of the Fund to enable Saudi families to own property through programs and initiatives that support subsidized real estate financing, including the easy mortgage program that enabled 35,000 beneficiaries to own, and the guarantees program that benefited more than 26,000 beneficiaries by the end of 2021.

While the CEO of National Housing (NHC), Eng. Mohammed Al-Bati, stressed the company’s role in achieving a balance between supply and demand by increasing the real estate supply to achieve the objectives of the housing program, pointing out that the company aims to develop many housing projects to provide 300,000 housing options by 2025.

He noted that the National Housing continued to develop more than 134,000 housing units within a residential environment with integrated services and facilities that provide quality of life, modern designs, and reasonable prices in 7 residential suburbs, bringing the total number of projects supervised by the company to 129 housing projects, of which 54 are on lands. The ministry and 75 others are on the lands of the private sector, while the number of units sold during 2021 is about 55 thousand units, and about 24 thousand units are ready for delivery.

Residential Program

114 billion riyals real estate financing

134 thousand housing units were developed

225,000 families benefited last year

Empowering 180,000 new families this year

130,000 families will live in their homes in 2022

100,000 subsidized mortgage

Expanding the eligibility of the “easy product” and the “guarantees program”


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