11 killed trying to take photos of lightning

In a tragic incident, at least 11 people were killed while taking pictures of lightning in the northern Indian city of Jaipur.

The victims wanted Documenting sky-lighting moments From atop an old fortress in the city, a lightning strike killed 11 people and injured others.

According to local media, 27 people were above the castle at the time of the lightning, and some of them were said to have jumped on the ground for fear of lightning.

compensation for families

A senior police officer told the media that most of the dead in the castle tower were young men.

Ashok Jhelot, chief minister of Rajasthan state, where Jaipur is located, announced 500,000 rupees (about $6,700) in compensation to the families of those who died.

On average, lightning strikes kill about 2,000 people in India every year, and the Department of Meteorology has said that deaths from the phenomenon have doubled in the country since the 1960s.

Last Sunday alone saw 9 more deaths from lightning strikes, which were reported across Rajasthan, according to local reports.

lightning accidents

Data shows that lightning incidents in India increased by 30-40% from the early to mid-1990s, and in 2018, the southern state of Andhra Pradesh recorded 36,749 lightning strikes in just 13 hours.

Officials say lightning is more common in areas with thin tree cover, leaving residents vulnerable to electrocution.

The monsoon season in India, which sees heavy rains, usually lasts from June to September.


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