11 exhibitors with 20 thousand books in mekhwah

While the young Muhammad al-Omari revealed that the idea of ​​the first book fair in al-Makhwah was to write a WhatsApp message to the governor and was approved as a support for the youth, the exhibition concluded with the presence of 11 exhibitors carrying with them 20 thousand books, varied between cultural, scientific, religious, poetry and others, and the presence of many accompanying activities.

Tributaries of attraction

The book fair achieved two tributaries of attraction and enjoyment: the culture of reading, and the presence of the exhibition during school holidays, so there was the acquisition of books and the enjoyment of accompanying events such as poetry, lyrical and intellectual evenings, popular plays, and 3 concerts. And the participation of many men of thought, culture, art and knowledge, which had a great and effective role in showing the occasion in another way. There were 14 cultural evenings, an exhibition of plastic arts, a corner for Arabic calligraphy, and a corner for Islamic decorations. The exhibition celebrated the Arab Theater Day by holding theatrical work and visual performances of the theater and its role, and there was a visual work that narrated the career of the late artist Hatem Ali in directing and drama.

An exciting experience

The owner of the Dar (Bin Rabei Publishing), Muhammad Al-Ghamdi, said, “We have participated in a limited number of books, which did not exceed 400 books because of the novelty of our experience, so our home is newly established. Also, all the groups have approached each other ». Abdullah Al-Ghamdi, the owner of the Dar Al-Atafan house, said, “We participated in the exhibition with more than 700 books, some of them from one volume and some from more than one volume, and some encyclopedias from 15 volumes (Dictionary of Hadith Narrators Al-Amajid from scholars Zahran and Ghamid).

Most acquired

Suleiman Al-Rehaily spoke from Dar Irfa’a, saying, “The number of titles with which we have participated is 52 and the number of copies is 443 copies, while the category of the most books acquired is the youth group.”


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