1000 factories ready to support small projects and entrepreneurs

The Saudi Authority for Industrial Cities and Technology Cities “Modon” has raised the number of ready-made factories to nearly 1,000 factories with areas between 700 and 1,500 square meters, 95% of which are dedicated to small and medium industries and entrepreneurship projects. Industry, contributing to the increase of local content, and the localization of clean and light industries such as food and medical products, and electrical and electronic industries. Food industries topped the list of investment activities that occupied the most busy factories with 46%, then the manufacturing industries, which are dominated by the field of medical supplies such as medical tubes, masks and the like, ranked second. 14%, then pharmaceutical industries 9% in the third place. The authority inaugurated 14 ready-made factories with an area of ​​1,500 square meters in the Industrial City of Madinah, in order to support entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprises. Qusai Al-Abd al-Karim, Director of Marketing and Corporate Communications, the official spokesman, explained that the area of ​​each ready-made factory reaches 1,500 square meters, including 776 square meters for the production hall and 124 square meters for administrative offices, while the space allocated for parking and the unloading and loading area reaches 600 square metres.
The product of small factories was also recently launched with new areas of up to 220 square meters as a first experiment in the Kingdom in the second industrial city in Dammam, to support entrepreneurship and small and medium enterprises and stimulate women’s investments in the industrial sector. The industrial city of Madinah was established in 2003 on an area of ​​17 million square meters of which Ten million square meters has been developed to include 243 industrial, investment and logistical contracts between a product and an existing one and under construction and establishment. The industrial city in Madinah enjoys many geographical advantages, the most important of which is the proximity to Prince Muhammad bin Abdulaziz International Airport, 50 km away, and 34 km to the Haramain train station in the city. Al-Munawwarah, while the distance between it and King Fahd Industrial Port in Yanbu is 200 km.


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