100 Arab personalities most influential in social responsibility for the year 2020

The ninth forum for the partners of the regional network for social responsibility for the year 2021 was launched yesterday under the honorary patronage of Princess Dania bint Abdullah bin Saud bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, and in the presence of the member of the State Council of the Sultanate of Oman, guest of honor of the forum, Ali Al-Mahrouqi, and the President of the Regional Network for Social Responsibility Professor Yusef Abdul Ghaffar, and many personalities from The Arab world.

More than 100 Arab personalities have registered the most influential in social responsibility for the year 2020, and among the honorary list is Sheikh Abdul Latif Al-Fawzan, founder of Al-Fozan Group, for his efforts in the field of social responsibility, his self-determination and his dedication to charitable work. Among his most prominent initiatives are the Abdullatif Al-Fawzan Award for Mosque Architecture, the Al-Fawzan Academy, the Abdullatif Al-Fawzan Center for Autism, the Irtiqa, the Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center in Zulfi, and the participation in establishing Feed and Housing Al-Fawzan, the establishment of the Ajwad Endowment, and the sustainability of business and initiatives.

Among the honored also in the professional category is the Executive Director of Islamic Education Schools, Rashid Muhammad Al-Rashid, for his efforts in the field of social responsibility, especially in the field of education, following the approach of his father, the late Minister of Education, Dr. Muhammad al-Rashid.

Rashid bin Muhammad Al-Rasheed received his university education in the United States of America, specifically in California, where he majored in computer science with a bachelor’s degree and leadership and management with a master’s degree. Worked nearly 8 years in the field of technology and consulting in Saudi Arabia and the United States. In 2014, after the death of his father, he returned to complete his education career and took over the management of the Islamic Education Schools Company. During this period, he sought to develop schools and provide programs that support building lifelong educated personalities armed with established Islamic values ​​and mastery of their language and the source of their strength the Arabic language, so that schools become a role model, and can be transferred to a number of schools, cities and Arab countries, as well as among the honorary list Princess Hind bint Abdulrahman .


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